Him or Her or Whatever: Poems by Tyler Friend

Him or Her or Whatever is ultimately a collection of love poems — it’s just that the poems sometimes don’t want to be seen as love poems because, after all, that might be embarrassing. The pieces are interested in the whatever-ness of gender and genre, body and self, in whatever this categorizes and how it relates to and explores the whatever-ness of others. The poems are fierce and vulnerable and extremely shy, with many competing ideas: the book is, after all, written by a Gemini.

Content Warning: sexual situations, sexually charged language


Him or Her or Whatever is nonconforming in all the most beautiful ways. These poems are smart, they talk to other poems, they are funny, they sting, they are poignant, they are political, and they are lyrical. Add up all of these juxtapositions and we get a stunning debut poetry collection from Tyler Friend. In Him or Her or Whatever, ‘nothing is exactly like it is.’ Instead, everything is seen anew, washed in lyricism, (un)gendered, and made beautifulIt will take your breath away.”
—Sean Prentiss,
author of Crosscut: Poems

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• Poems | LGBTQUIA+
• 5” x 8” Perfectbound Trade Paperback
• Cream Paper, 102 Pages
• Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1-946580-33-7
• Paperback ISBN-10: 1-946580-33-3
• First Edition: March 22, 2022
• Short URL: tinyurl.com/whateverfriend
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Cover design by Leah Angstman, with image by Moose Photos.

TYLER FRIEND is a poet and designer who was grown (and is still growing) in Tennessee. Their poetry has appeared in Tin House, Hobart, Hunger Mountain, and elsewhere. Tyler’s chapbook Bunker is available in Third Man Books’ Literarium vending machine, in the London store. This is their first full-length collection.

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• Review at Miracle Monocle

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