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is an indie press dedicated to publishing and promoting incredible literature that challenges readers and has an innate sense of self, timelessness, and atmosphere. We love science, history, homebound roots, rural landscapes, sense of place, poetic literary fiction, diverse voices, and all that is electric in the literary world.

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Him or Her or Whatever:
Poems by Tyler Friend

Him or Her or Whatever is ultimately a collection of love poems — it’s just that the poems sometimes don’t want to be seen as love poems because, after all, that might be embarrassing. The pieces are interested in the whatever-ness of gender and genre, body and self, in whatever this categorizes and how it relates to and explores the whatever-ness of others. The poems are fierce and vulnerable and extremely shy, with many competing ideas: the book is, after all, written by a Gemini.

New Releases

Calls for submissions to upcoming anthologies

Where to Hang the Hat:
Storytellers on Sondheim

We’ve lost a titan. So now we write. Submissions are open for a tribute in words to the late, great Stephen Sondheim. Tell us about your Sondheim heart.

Essays on Being LGBTQ+ in the Deep South

We are seeking creative nonfiction and personal essays on the experience of being LGBTQ+ in the Deep South.

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News & Updates

  • JUL 10: Submissions are now open for the Spark Translation Prize! We’re seeking book-length translations on important social justice topics and themes that impact the world around us. Winner receives $1,000 and book publication. Deadline: August 31, 2022.
  • JUN 29: We’re thrilled to announce the acquisition of Robin Gow’s fantastic poetry collection, A MUSEUM FOR THAT WHICH NO LONGER EXISTS, which explores the history of one of the first institutes affirming trans and queer people—a Berlin institute burned during World War II—and reimagines a museum where these artifacts and people are kept safe from destruction. The collection will be joining our Little Pigeon chapbook series, so stay tuned here for updates!
  • JUN 15: 2022 Luminaire Prose Winners announced! 1st Place: “CMYK” by Kenton Smalley; 2nd Place: “Brace for Impact” by Brian Kerg; 3rd Place: “Observations of Trans-Neptunian Objects” by Gabriel da Silva-Schicchi; 4th Place: “In Limbo” by Melissa Mark; 5th Place: “Dreams Where My Father Kills Me” by Meghan E. O’Toole; Finalists: Jonah Marlow Bradenday, David Drury, Haley Papa, Michael Sasso, Adrien Kade Sdao, David Somerville. Stay tuned to The Coil to read these great stories!
  • FEB 9: Welcome to our new website! Our links are all different from our old website, so please start your search over from the beginning.
  • FEB 8: We’re behind on reading submissions in several categories, but we’re getting caught up! If you’re in the queue, we’ll be responding soon!

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